Signia Connexx 3.0 Thin Tubes


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Signia Motion Motion X


Signia EarWear Thin Tube 3.0 

Signia EarWear ThinTube 3.0 thin tubes are supplied in packs of 2, one right ear and one left ear. Four lengths of tube are available.

Thin Tube 3.0 is available in two diameters, 0.9 and 1.4.

If your hearing aid has stopped working, the thin tube may be blocked or kinked and needs replacing.

The domes compatible with Signia Connexx 3.0 are thin tubes called Signia Eartips Domes 3.0.



Signia has released new earmolds 3.0, which are compatible with miniReceiver 3.0 and ThinTube 3.0.

Earmold 3.0 is available in a short and an extended version.

Earmold 3.0 compatible filters are WaxGuard 3.0 Nanocare or QuickGuard Wax Filters.


Video showing how to change Signia Connexx 3.0 Thin Tubes Motion X


Signia ThinTube 3.0 Manufacturers page.


Additional information

Signia 3.0 Thin Tube Length

0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Signia 3.0 ThinTube Diameter

0.9, 1.4


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