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NHS Phonak Nathos


Phonak HE SlimTubes

Phonak and Unitron are part of the Sonova Group and share Receivers, Domes and Filters. Phonak also make hearing aids for the NHS.

Phonak HE SlimTubes come in packets containing 5 SlimTubes and 2 Green Cleaning Rods. They are available in 3 sizes, with 0 being the smallest.

Left Ear Blue, Slim Tube Lengths 0, 1, 2 and 3
Right Ear Red, Slim Sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3


Phonak NHS Phonak Nathos hearing aids use this thin tube, and the compatible Domes are Phonak Smokey Domes.

The Newer Phonak NHS Hearing Aids and Phonak Nathos Nova do not use this slim tube, but the Phonak 4.0 Slim Tube with Phonak 4.0 Domes.

Many Phonak | Unitron Older Hearing Aid Models:
Phonak Bolero Venture, Phonak Bolero Quest and Phonak Bolero Ambra Hearing Aids.
Unitron | Tempus and North Hearing Aids.


The compatible domes for these SlimTubes are Phonak Smokey hearing aid domes.

Video showing how to clean and replace Phonak Slim Tubing

Additional information

Phonak SlimTube-HE

HE 0-L-Left, HE 0-R-Right, HE 1-L-Left, HE 1-R-Right, HE 2-L-Left, HE 2-R-Right, HE 3-L-Left, HE 3-R-Right


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