Phonak Ear Hooks HE11


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Phonak Naida Marvel
NHS Phonak Nathos
Phonak Naida Paradise


Phonak Ear Hooks HE11



  • Bolero M-M, Bolero M-PR
  • Sky M-M, Sky M-PR, SkyM-SP, Sky Link M, Sky B-SP, Sky B-UP, Sky V-SP, SkyV-UP
  • Naida M-SP, Naida Link M, Naida B-SP, Naida B-UP, Naida V-SP, Naida V-UP
  • Nathos Auto Nova PR
  • Sky Q-UP
  • Sky Q70 -UP


  • Bolero B-M, Bolero B-P, Bolero B-SP, Bolero B-PR, Bolero V-M, Bolero V-P, Bolero V-SP, Bolero Q-M312, Bolero Q-M13, Bolero Q-P, Bolero Q-SP
  • Sky B-M, Sky B-P, Sky B-PR, Sky V-M, Sky V-P, Sky Q-M13
  • Ambra, Cassia, Dalia, Solana
  • Roger Focus
  • Nathos Auto SP


  • Naida Q-SP, Naida Q-UP, Naida S-SP, Naida S-UP, Naida Link UP
  • Sky Q-SP,
  • CORE and Digital Bionis Full Size BTE’s and OK! Plus

Additional information

Ear Hook

Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Transparent, Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Blue, Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Purple, Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Green, Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Yellow, Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Pink, Phonak Ear Hook HE11 Orange

Number of Ear Hooks

Pair of Ear Hooks, Packet of 10 Ear Hooks


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