Phonak Naida Marvel Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Phonak Domes 4.0
Slim tubes Slim Tubes 4.0
Standard tubing Depends on hearing loss
Ear hook Phonak Ear Hook HE11
Battery 13
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control Phonak Remote Control
TV Connector Phonak TV Connector
Remote Mic Phonak Partner Mic
Roger Compatible Yes
Bluetooth Yes
User Phone App myPhonak App
CROS Compatible no
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Phonak Phonak Naida Marvel

Phonak Naida Marvel Hearing Aids Spare Parts

Marvel Naida has several technology levels: M30, M50, M70 and top-of-the-range M90.

Phonak Naida Marvel runs with a 13 battery. The device has a multi-function button that can be used to set up and down volume, programme change, and answer phone calls.

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