HF3 Filters


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HF3 Filters


HF3 Left (Blue) and Right (Red) Wax Filter Wheel with replacement tool

  • Wheel of 8 HF3 BLUE  and 8 HF3 RED wax filters
  • Blue for left side Hearing Aid
  • Red for right side Hearing Aid

HF3 wax filters are 3mm in diameter and come with a replacement tool.

ReSound -Fits some Custom tips and some ITC hearing aid
Danalogic I-Fit,
Signia – Fits some Custom tips and some ITC hearing aid
Phonak Hearing Aids – Fits some Custom tips and some ITC hearing aids

Video showing how to change a HF3 Filter


ReSound product code: 18595900

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Hearing Aid Filters

HF3 Filters

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1 Packet, 3 Packets, 10 Packets


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