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Phonak Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Phonak offers a range of hearing aid accessories to improve speech understanding in certain situations.

Phonak TV Connector

The Phonak TV Connector plugs into the back of your TV or Stereo and will stream audio to Phonak’s Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

The TV connector is straightforward to pair to your hearing devices and connects automatically when the TV/Stereo is turned on.

By sending the audio signal directly from the TV to the hearing aids, speech discrimination is improved, especially for users watching the TV from 0ver 2 metres away.

The volume can be controlled from the TV connector, the hearing aids or the Phonak APP.

Phonak TV connector is compatible with Phonak Lumity, Paradise and Marvel Bluetooth Hearing Aids.


Phonak Partner MicPhonak PartnerMic is a discreet microphone that connects directly to Phonak’s Bluetooth Hearing Aids. The microphone can be hand-held or attached to the user’s lapel.

It is helpful in noisy environments such as a restaurant or if there is a distance between the speaker and the hearing aid user. The range of the microphone is over 10 metres.

The partner mic can improve speech intelligibility for people with severe to profound hearing loss who may struggle to hear in quiet situations.

Phonak Partner Mic is compatible with Phonak Lumity, Paradise and Marvel Bluetooth Hearing Aids.



Phonak Remote Control

The Phonak Remote Control enables users to adjust the volume and change the hearing aid program.

Large buttons for ease of use.

Phonak Remote Control is compatible with Phonak Lumity, Paradise and Marvel Bluetooth Hearing Aids.






Phonak Roger On iN V2Phonak Roger On iN v2 -Roger On is a microphone system you can use daily when there’s a lot of noise or people are far away. Roger On recognises who is talking and where and selects which of the six built-in microphones to activate.

Roger On version 2 can be used like a headset when connected to a computer via a USB cable for online calls.

Roger On can be held in hand and pointed at the person you want to hear; a partner can attach it to a lapel or place it on a table.

iN – means two licences are included. The licences must be installed into your Phonak-compatible hearing aids before Roger can be paired. This process may require help from a hearing care provider.

Phonak Roger On iN technology will pair with Phonak Lumity, Paradise and Marvel technology once the licences are transferred to the hearing aids. Roger will connect to other manufacturers’ hearing aids, but you must contact us or your hearing care professionals to ensure you buy the correct equipment.

Video showing how to connect a Phonak TV Connector

Video showing how to use a Phonak Partner Mic

Video showing how to use a Phonak Remote Control

Video showing Roger ON in use






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Phonak Wireless Accessorises

TV Connector, Partner Mic, Remote Control, Roger On iN v2


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