ReSound | Danalogic SureFit 2 Domes


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ReSound | Danalogic SureFit 2 Domes

Resound and Danalogic are part of the GN Group, and many spare parts are shared.

Danalogic is a GN NHS-only brand, SureFit 2 Domes Fit  Ambio Smart and Ambio Hearing Aids.

The thin tube, also known as a slim tube that fits SureFIT 2 Domes, is ReSound and Danalogic SureFit 2 Thin Tube.

ReSound |Danalogice SureFit 2 Domes come in 3 styles:

  • Open, Dome, small 5mm, medium 7mm and Large 10mm.
  • Power Dome, small 8mm, medium,m 10m,m and large,e 11mm.
  • Tulip Dome, one size.

Additional information

ReSound SureFit Domes Style

Tulip, Open, Closed, Power (double)

ReSound SureFit Domes Size

Tulip, small, medium, large


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