Signia Styletto Styletto IX Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Signia Ear Tips 3.0
Filters Signia Waxguard 3.0 Nanocare
Receiver/Speaker Wire Signia mini Receiver 3.0
Battery Built in rechargeable
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control miniPocket
TV Connector StreamLine TV
Remote Mic StreamLine Mic
Bluetooth Yes
User Phone App Signia APP
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Signia Styletto IX Styletto IX

Signia Styletto XI Hearing Aids

Signia Styletto IX was released in Early 2024. Signia Styletto IX follows Styletto AX and Styletto X.

Stlyletto is a slim RIC (Reciever in Canal) hearing aid with slim, elegant styling that wearers often prefer.

Signia Styletto IX is available at three technology levels: 3, 5, and 7, the top of the range.

Signia Styletto IX Domes are called Signia Ear Tips 3.0

Signia Styletto IX Filters are called Signia WaxGuard 3.0 Nanocare

Signia Styletto IX Receivers are Signia Earwear 3.0 Receivers
Signia Styletto IX Colours


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