Phonak Audéo Life Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Phonak Domes 4.0
Filters Phonak CeruShield Disk Wax filters
Receiver/Speaker Wire Phonak Receivers 4.0
Battery Built in rechargeable
Charger Replacement Charger
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control Phonak Remote Control
TV Connector Phonak TV Connector
Remote Mic Phonak Partner Mic
Roger Compatible Yes
Bluetooth Yes
User Phone App myPhonak App
CROS Compatible no
Loop programme/Telecoil no
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Phonak Phonak Audeo Life

Phonak Audeo Life

  •  Waterproof –  up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet
  •  Rechargeable – Lithium-Ion with new inductive charging
  •  Crisp, natural sound – Autosense 4.0
  •  Smart apps – myPhonak app, Phonak myCall-to-Text app
  •  Universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger devices and more
  •  Multiple Bluetooth® connections – connect to two devices at the same time
  •  Tap Control for easy access to Bluetooth functionalities

The Phonak Audéo Life hearing aid joins the Phonak Audeo Paradise range of hearing aids. Click here for other Audéo Paradise Hearing Aids.

Phonak Audéo Life’s new housing and special coating fully seals the device, making it waterproof. Phonak hopes users of the Audeo Life will experience less anxiety wearing the aids around water or while doing physical exercise.   In addition, they are the first Phonak hearing aids designed with a new induction charger called the Phonak Charger Case Go. When a consumer places their Audéo Life hearing aids into the new charger case, the hearing aids are magnetically held into place for charging at home and on the go.

Phonak Life Induction Charger

The new inductive charger, which magnetically holds the hearing aids in place, makes it very easy to insert and remove the hearing aids. The internal battery can charge the hearing aids three times.

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