Signia Pure NX Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Click Domes 2.0
Filters MiniReceiver Filters 2.0 WaxGuard
Filters Signia CONNEXX QuickGuard Wax Filters
Reciever/Speaker Wire Signia miniReceiver 2,0
Battery Depends on model
Charger Signia Replacement Charger
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control miniPocket
TV Connector StreamLine TV
Remote Mic StreamLine Mic
Roger Compatible Yes with neck loop
Bluetooth Yes
User Phone App Signia APP
CROS Compatible Yes
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Signia Pure NX Signia Xperience NX

Signia Xperience NX Models 
Signia Xperience range:

Behind the ear – BTE – Signia Motion 13 NX Signia Motion Charge&GO NX
Receiver in canal – RIC – Signia Pure 10 NX, Pure 312 NX Pure Charge&GO NX
In The Canal – ITC Insio NX
Completely in the Canal – CIC Insio NX
Invisible in the Canal – IIC Insio NX


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