Oticon Intent Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Oticon MiniFit
Filters Oticon ProWax
Slim tubes
Standard tubing
Receiver/Speaker Wire Oticon MiniFit Detect
Battery Built in rechargeable
Charger Intent Charger
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control Remote Control 2.0
TV Connector Oticon TV Apater 3.0
Remote Mic Oticon Connect Clip
Bluetooth Yes
User Phone App Yes
CROS Compatible yes
Loop programme/Telecoil yes
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Oticon Intent Intent

Oticon Intent Spare Parts and Accessories
Oticon Intent Hearing Aid model:
Oticon Intent was released in February 2024 and supersedes Oticon OPN, OPNs, More and Real. For custom in-the-ear (ITC, CIC) hearing aids, Oticon Own is the most current Oticon product.

Oticon Intent has been released in one model:

Oticon Intent MiniRite R – Oticon’s smallest rechargeable aid has a push button and an inbuilt telecoil.

Oticon Intent is available in 4 technology levels, with Oticon Intent One being the top of the range.

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