Bernafon Encanta Compatible Spare Parts

Domes Bernafon MiniFit
Filters Bernafon ProWax
Slim tubes
Standard tubing
Ear hook
Receiver/Speaker Wire Bernafon Detect
Battery Built in rechargeable
Charger Bernafon Chargers
Wireless Accessories
Remote Control Bernafon Remote Control
TV Connector Bernafon TV Connector
Remote Mic Bernafon SoundClip
Bluetooth Yes
User Phone App Bernafon APP
CROS Compatible Yes
Loop programme/Telecoil Yes
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Bernafon Encanta Encanta

Bernafon Encanta Hearing Aids

The Bernafon Encanta Alpha XT hearing aid range was released in March 2024 and superseded the Bernafon Alpha XT RIC and BTE hearing aids. Previous Bernafon products include the Juna, Zerena, and Viron.

Bernafon is a Swiss-based manufacturer and part of the William Demant Group, including hearing aid manufacturer Oticon.
New Smaller Casing with Fast Charging and Double Tap

New self-calibrating Receiver/Speaker wire.
A newly designed casing is used to improve the comfort and positioning of the ear.
Answer the phone by double-taping the hearing aid.
Fast charging battery.
Nanocoated to achieve an IP68 rating – the hearing aid has been tested to survive 30 minutes submersed in 1 metre of water.

Bernafon Encanta prices and technology levels
Bernafon Encanta has been released in four technology levels:

Encanta 100 Connect – for users who spend most of their time at home or in low-noise surroundings.
Encanta 200 Go – for customers who rely on their hearing aids for speech understanding in noisy environments.
Encanta 300 Engage—for active clients who want to converse with multiple speakers in background noise.
Encanta 400  Pro is for customers who want the best sound quality and technology to support speech understanding in any environment.

Bernafon Encanta Colours
Encanta is available in Sand Beige, Stone Beige, Antique Bronze Cocoa Brown, Jet Black, Charcoal Grey, Metallic Silver and Pearly Silver.

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